Read how others have praised Triumph Over Terror

Tim Shoemaker

“Triumph Over Terror by Ground Zero Chaplain, Bob Ossler can be summed up in one word. Powerful.

We’ve all seen the images of 9/11. Even though they were hard to look at, we could not turn our eyes away. So I braced myself to read Bob’s book, not wanting to remember those images and experience the pain of 9/11 all over again. I intended to take just a minute to see how Bob began his book but got hooked on the first page and just kept reading.

Triumph Over Terror isn’t just a history lesson. It’s a book full of life lessons.”

—Tim Shoemaker, author of Super Husband, Super Dad and The Code of Silence Series

“I heard Chaplain Bob Ossler speak at Ground Zero at mini-memorial services for those who died on 9-11. I watched him in the aftermath of the loss of the Granite Mountain Hotshots (19 firefighters killed at the Yarnell, AZ wildfires in 2013) where he offered comfort to the immediate family members who lost loved ones. I personally leaned heavily on him after the drowning of a 6-year-old boy in a flash flood in 2010 thatI refer to as the most difficult call in my 35-year career. In all of these situations, Chaplain Bob opened himself up to help others deal with the tragedies that surrounded them.

Chaplain Bob is a consummate professional who uses his experiences, faith, and compassion to assist others in their time of need. I am proud to call him my fellow firefighter, my chaplain, and my friend.”

—Glenn W. Brown, Fire Chief, Mayer, AZ Fire Department

 “Knowing Bob and reading these 9/11 stories made me imagine being right there with him on the Pile. I’m so proud that he has gotten to this point of healing that he has been able to write his memories down in such a powerful yet gentle way. I read and wept through many of them. Prepare to immerse yourself in Bob’s words of human kindness, inspiration, and compassion.”

—Tom Ashcraft, Father of a Granite Mountain Hot Shot Firefighter killed in 2013 Arizona wildfires

Megan Breedlove“Chaplain Bob Ossler deserves special honors. He’s a man who has poured out his life in service to others, including the men and women emergency workers helping put America back together in the aftermath of 9/11 at Ground Zero. Bob has now written Triumph Over Terror about his experiences during those weeks as he ministered to the hurting. But his book does not glorify his efforts; instead, it focuses on exalting God through revealing how God was intimately present in every heartbreaking, weary moment. Bob’s book answers the question, “Where was God during one of our nation’s most horrific experiences?” Triumph Over Terror gives us a glimpse into what it was like to work at Ground Zero and shows where God is during trials and how He responds.”

Megan Breedlove, author of Chaotic Joy and Finding Abundance in the Messiness of Motherhood

lesley-lombardi-trophy“I had the blessing of getting to know Chaplain Bob Ossler for a short time as he ministered to workers on the Pile and to families of victims at 9/11’s Ground Zero. Chaplain Bob, one of the unsung heroes of 9/11,performed more than 300 mini-services for families who lost loved ones in the seven story pile of agony that resulted from terrorist attacks. Triumph Over Terror takes us back and shows the need for a kinder gentler world.”

—Lesley Visser, Football Hall of Fame Sportscaster


Pastor Sal Roggio, Cumberland County Community Church, Millville, NJ

Chaplain Bob Ossler has been in the rescue business for a long time as a firefighter, paramedic, and ordained minister. He is uniquely gifted in ministering to those who are hurting, so everyone expected him to respond to the call for chaplains after the 9/11 tragedy. But even with all his training and experience in crisis situations, the emotional toll on him was great. When you read Triumph Over Terror you will experience 9/11 in a deeply personal way, and you will see inside the heart of a man who deeply cares for others.”

—Sal Roggio, Pastor, Cumberland County Community Church, Millville, New Jersey

Steve Kemp 2015“Bob simply lets God’s Word and God’s love accomplish God’s work through him. It is hard to imagine someone with a better set of experiences and expertise for the ministry described in this book. Clearly, God prepared a man for ministry in the immediate aftermath of Ground Zero. That man is Bob Ossler, and Triumph Over Terror is his story.”

—Steve Kemp, Director of Institutional Partnerships, BILD



“People always want Bob to speak about his experiences at Ground Zero, but few know how hard that is on a person’s mental health. I now understand [after the deaths of nineteen firefighters in the Granite Mountain wildfires in Arizona in 2013]. Thank you, Bob, for sharing a wonderful testament to God’s glory and our Savior’s hand. You have been my inspiration to continue to care for our firefighter families, raise money for the families of 9/11, and honor the words spoken by so many others: ‘We will never forget; we remember every day.’”

—Tom Haney, President of the United Yavapai Firefighters IAFF Local 3066, Vice President of the Professional Firefighters of Arizona (PFFA), Fire Captain/Paramedic Mayer Fire District, Mayer, Arizona

Petricelli - photo“I’ve never met anyone quite like Bob. Since childhood, he has heard the beat to his own drum and has been an original thinker, creative in almost everything he has done, and he’s done a ton! Life is difficult at times. Bob has shown courage and compassion. I continue to be inspired by him.”

—Tony Patricelli, National Sales Manager, Dynamex