Home Again…


Hi, dear friends.
Sue and I arrived home safely from Chicago after 14 plus hours of driving. This picture was taken in the Moody Bible Institute parking lot. Being in love is so wonderful. Maya our three-legged chihuahua had fun, too.
It was so nice to see Mom, Sis, and many old friends at my high school reunion. I had an interview with radio personality Ted Schneider, his cohost Bob Slipke, and my dear friend Tony Patricelli about my recent released book, Triumph Over Terror. My next interview will  be with Janet Parshall on Moody Radio.
I got right back to work as police chaplain in Millville, NJ with some tough notifications today. People are hurting so bad these days. Give a hug or say a prayer. People are so hungry for the love of Christ. Please show your love for others. A tender word, a sandwich, or a listening ear. God bless all of you dear people.

— at Cumberland County Community Church.