Triumph Over Terror: The Book

New! 2016 Triumph Over Terror by Ground Zero Chaplain Bob Ossler and Janice Hall Heck.

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The day that changed the world—September 11, 2001—propelled America into the long war, the Global War on Terror. Like many Americans who serve our country, Chaplain Bob Ossler donned his firefighter turn-out gear, boarded a plane, and made his way to Manhattan to help in any way possible. He was escorted onto the smoldering, quaking heap, dubbed “The Pile.” Entering into the Gates of Hell—the crematorium and morgue for nearly 3000 beloved souls—an electrifying chill of horror shot through him.

Trained as a professional first responder, Ossler served five tours of duty during the cleanup at Ground Zero after 9/11. Bob’s eyewitness vignettes recount the questions, fears, struggles, and sacrifices of the families and workers overwhelmed by despair. Chaplain Ossler conducted over 300 mini-memorials for the fragmentary remains carried off the Pile. He comforted the mourners, the frightened, and the heartbroken laborers sifting through millions of tons of carnage for the remains of their friends, the unknown dead—and their faith.

From the broken fragments of glass, steel, and men, Chaplain Ossler’s mosaic of God’s grace unveils the outpouring of generosity, heroism, and unity from people who stepped up to do “something.” Ossler honors the ultimate sacrifice and bravery of first responders who rush toward terror to save lives.

What do Ossler’s insights reveal about about finding meaning and purpose in the thick of chaos and personal tragedy? Chaplain Ossler chronicles the best of humanity—acts of courage and goodness in the midst of unimaginable devastation. As terrorist attacks continue to assault humanity, Triumph Over Terror reveals how your spirit can triumph over terror’s reign, and how you can help those suffering from trauma and loss.

About the Authors

Chaplain Bob Ossler
Chaplain Bob Ossler

Bob Ossler, Chicago firefighter and ordained chaplain, served five tours of duty as a volunteer

chaplain at Ground Zero. He conducted over 300 mini-memorials for the remains carried off “the Pile.” No stranger to devastating tragedy, Bob was on the scene to comfort others after Hurricane Katrina. He also comforted the families of the 19 elite Granite Mountain Hot Shot Firefighter Squad who perished in the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona. Based on his experiences at Ground Zero, Chaplain Ossler addresses the question “Where was God?” and reveals how traumatized victims, himself included, find hope again and triumph over terror.

Janice Hall Heck
Janice Hall Heck


Janice Hall Heck. A retired special education teacher and administrator and trained in biblical counseling, Heck now serves as an editor and a mentor for Christian writers.

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